What is Isotonix?

isotonix vitamins

What is Isotonix?

Isotonix is a trademarked brand name for Market America’s Isotonix Vitamins line.  Isotonix refers to the Isotonic delivery system in which Isotonix Vitamins deliver nutrients via an isotonic solution. Confused yet?  Lets make it easy for you, watch the video below. YouTube Preview Image

What Are Isotonix Vitamins?

So now you know what Isotonix means, its time to introduce you to the Isotonix Supplements line.  The Isotonix line consists of a wide array of supplements from the general health supplements like  Isotonix Multivitamin and Isotonix OPC-3 to more niche specific supplements such as Isotonix Isochrome and Isotonix B-complex. The true power of Isotonix lies in the delivery system outlined below.
So what are you waiting for, go ahead and try out the worlds most advanced supplements today.

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  1. Loren Brown

    I was introduced to Isotonix by my health & wellness instructor, she is a member of market america. I am in love with them. Before I started taking isotonix i was taking glucosamine for stiffness in my right knee and a multivitamin every morning. My knee was moving better and I didn’t get colds as often, but when I started taking Isotonix I had forgotten to take my other vitamins. I noticed that I was going up and down stairs without any difficulties, bending my knees to pick up things instead of bending at the waist, even kneeling, something I had not been doing because of discomfort. I had even gotten conjunctivitis in both my eyes and it was gone in a few days without be going to the doctor at all.

    I love Isotonix. I love them so much I now have friends on them, my grown children and my grandchildren.

  2. !philip!##

    Thanks Loren, we always love hearing how our products help real people such as yourself!

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